Turnstile Gate Hong Kong 閘機 閘門(轉動或平開式)

傳統3棍轉動式 、 扇形/平開式 (類似 MTR 閘機) 、停車場閘機...

另備: 拍咭 / Face Recognition 人臉識別 /
手型機-掌型識別系統 / 指紋識別...系統 配合使用 詳情歡迎查詢

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Tripod Turnstile

EA-120 入閘機
Tripod Turnstile

EA-48 入閘機
Tripod Turnstile
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  • 能配合所有保安管理系統
  • LED 電 屏 顯 示
  • 機 心 主 要 部 份 於 國 外 設 計
  • 外 型 可 度 身 訂 做
  • 完 善 售 後 服 務
  • 價格合理

歡 迎 行 家 合 作 ( 可 提 供 技 術 支 援 )

Turnstile Gate Hong Kong

Product Introduction
A wide range of EverApex electromechanical turnstiles, integrated with railings made in matching decor, allows customers to make an optimal choice when equipping checkpoints.
EverApex offers attractive, cost-effective entrance control solutions for industrial facilities, administrative buildings, banks, sport and entertainment facilities, retail outlets, airports, railway terminals, military installations, construction site, etc.
Our turnstiles are especially suitable for use where high flow rates and comfortable passageway are important priorities.
Our turnstiles are operated from the remote control panel or access control system. They feature several operating modes set from the control panel and are intended for bi-directional, single or multiple passages. Passage can be controlled in either direction.
The turnstiles are available in a variety of versions and color options to suit your environment.

Construction Site


Convention & Exhibition Centre

Convention & Exhibition Centre

Convention & Exhibition Centre

Construction Site




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