Tihar Festival HK
Nepali HK ~
Yuen Long
27,28,29/10/2019 (3rd-5th day)

尼泊爾人-大節日 Tihar/ Dipawali Hong Kong Nepali

↓Before 7/11/2018
Look clearly is RICE !


↑2018 photo
almost all photo below was taken in Hong Kong 2017
Rangoli 3rd day night ( a colorful icon of the festival )

One of the major nature of Tihar Festival is respecting, especially the love between sister and brother.

* 5th day sister make Tika (few pieces of colorfuls) on brother's front head, praying for luck and longlife.

* 1st day ~ crow

* 2nd day ~ dog

* 3rd day(morning) ~ cow

* 3rd day(night) ~ praying, candle/oil-lamp light up door / window welcome for luck etc

3rd Night

↑Outside the main door 3rd Night
# Nepalese #Nepal Soldier #Shek Kong - Yuen Long
3rd Night

Frist sight found "oil lamp' on "carpet", but as a visitor and respect other's culture , not convenience to tell a potential of fire.

But when enlarged the photo find wrong... it is not a carpet ....

↑One of my praying is money luck , the red line is directing the luck to my cashier 😊😊

4th night

Dancing Singing @ Yuen Long downtown

Audience, why don't sing together?

5th day making Tika →

Thanks a lot for
Mala (Om Bivya Boutique), Nisha, Bhim, HemLata, Anita ...
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